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Mindful Scrum
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There is a beauty in implementing perfect Scrum, rather like the beauty of finding an unblemished rose in late summer in your garden. Imagine a world where there are no release-dates, and backlogs are perfectly groomed, prioritizations followed, interrupts kept at bay, continuous delivery happening smoothly, with happy self-motivated teams. Unfortunately this ideal world is not always possible, and we often fail in implementing Scrum because we try for this perfect world immediately vs. having patience and letting something unique and beautiful grow from the seeds we plant. We have our heads in the future and are not mindful of the present and the true needs of the organization we are working with. We need to let go of our ego and our preconceived notions of the perfect Scrum and instead look around us with curiosity of how we can make the organization, the teams, the projects work better, communicate better, be more efficient through adopting Scrum in a conscious, incremental approach. Scrum is a process that builds upon itself. Much like the practice of mindfulness, it takes awareness, gentleness and practice to get it as an established part of an organization.

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